Davis 1985
I have participated in a variety of triathlons from the sprints to an Ironman. The first Ironman (Iowa Triathlon, Cedar Rapids, IA., 1985) I attempted, I failed! Having been a runner for 20 years, that was my forte. However, I actually completed the 2.4 mile open water swim, the 112 miles on the bike, and then got heat exhaustion during the marathon run! The temperature was only over a hundred. The next year I returned and completed the Ironman in 12:17:47. 

Davis 1986
At the time, this was the World's Largest Triathlon in Chicago, IL, August, 1986. What was amazing is they staggered the start to swim in Lake Michigan. Because I was "old", I started way back in the pack. After I completed the swim, transitioned to the bike and started the running leg of the triathlon, the PROS were finishing the event. What a bummer!!! Here I am completing the run in the USTS length triathlon in 2:30.