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Work Summary

U.S. Coast Guard 1964 to 1968

Retired Sacramento Police Department 7/68 to 11/86 

Past Treasurer Sacramento Veteran Police Officers Assn. - 1990-1996

Past President, Sacramento Veteran Police Officers Assn. - 2005

Past Vice President, Sacramento Veteran Police Officers Assn. -2007

F.B.I Certified Rangemaster

Firearms Instructor 

Retired Armorer, M.P., Squad Leader, Senior M.P.Investigator. of the 

270th Military Police Company California Army National Guard 1983-1997

Assistant Supply Sgt/Armorer 980th Medical Logistical Battalion

Currently Fingerprint & Forensic Document Examiner

Ferry Vessel Auditor

Dept of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard

Flotilla Staff Officer Human Resources

Past Flotilla Commander, Flotilla 11N-03-05 U. S. Coast Guard Auxillary 





U.S. Coast Guard 

2-64 to 5-64

Boot Camp Government Island, Alameda, CA.

5-64 to 3/65 

C.G . Tracen, Groton, Connecticut

Storekeeper School-incomplete

Permanent Party

Engineman School- Completed Transferred to 8th C.G. District as FN-EN, Assigned Captain of The Port, New Orleans, Harbor Patrol on Mississippi River in New Orleans TDY as only Engineer Station Southwest Pass Light , New Orleans Lightship.  Sent to Baton Rouge for the Clorine Barge Incident after Hurricane Betsy.  

Transferred to 

Coast Guard Station New Canal , LA  as 30' Utility Boat SAR Boat Coxswain, Engineer  & Section Junior Officer of The Day.


Coast Guard Memories



Sacramento Police Department 


 9 years Traffic and 9 years Patrol

1968 Oak Park Riots

Cal Expo Riots

Dorthea Puente Murder Case

Negrete Shooting

  Range Time 5-08


 Bob Nichols Firearms Training





 270th Military Police Co


Security Force XXIII Olympiad, Los Angeles 1984

Operation Team Spirit, South Korea   1986, 1989, & 1992

Border Ranger II, U. S. Customs, Drug Interdiction Long Beach, CA 1989

Security Force/Reaction Team, O.T.A.G.  Desert Storm 1990-1991

Security Force for  H.H.C. I-Corps Cascade Peak Exercise 1991

Operation Garden Plot, Rodney King Riots,  Los Angeles 1992 

Evaluations and Letters


   270th M.P. Memories



 United States Coast Guard Auxiliary


Coast Guard Official 2006-Present

Forensic Document Examiner, Fingerprint Specialist 2006-Present

Boat Crew 2002, Weather Specialist 2002, Communication Specialist 2007, Search and Rescue Specialist 2007,  

Staff Officer PV 2005-2008

Vice Flotilla Commander 2010

Flotilla Commander 2011 

Staff Officer Human Resources & Communication Services 2012

District 11N  Division 3 Flotilla 5

Sacramento, CA


U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Memories 





Sharon, My Bride, My Love




 Al E. Nichols My Dad

7-23-13 to 3-25-02 


Ronald R Nichols My Brother

 12-30-38 to 5-8-03



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Officer Resource 

Sacramento Police Officers Association

Northern California Peace Officers Association

Coast Guard Station New Canal

Fred's Place  A Coast Guard Home Page

Shelby"s Rules 


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