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Twitter en français

On va tweeter ! Un poste par jour, s’il vous plaît !

Account instructions:
  • Please register for an account on Twitter. DO NOT PUT IN ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.
  • If you already have a Twitter account, please create a new one. This is for class use only.
  • Be sure to record your password somewhere you won't lose it.
  • Under "Settings," check the box to "Protect my tweets."
  • Under "Settings," set the Language to "French."
  • Follow me, @ritzyfrancais
  • I will post the names of your other class members. You may ONLY FOLLOW STUDENTS IN THIS CLASS!
  • Do not accept follow requests from anyone but fellow class members.
  • I expect you to post one tweet per day in French on anything you want.
  • Nothing inappropriate! I will be checking them.
  • If you have a Smart phone, you may want to download a Twitter app so you easily post tweets any time.