Welcome to our Ottoson Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) webpage!!

We're excited to be using this page to keep you posted on what's going on in our FACS Department during the school year.
Your Teachers:
Ms. O'Neill, honeill@arlington.k12.ma.us  

What is Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)?

FACS teaches youth basic health and daily living concepts.  FACS also challenges students to solve problems, make connections between academics and real life application, and to use critical thinking skills in their everyday lives.

Here at the Ottoson we are fortunate to have students in grades 6-8 participate in our classes.  We focus on healthy life skills, school-to-work skills, and pride ourselves in helping students discover how academics connect to real life.  

Our curriculum meets standards in:    
  • Massachusetts Health Frameworks
  • Massachusetts Vocational Technical Standards in Culinary Arts and Hospitality
  • Massachusetts Career Development Education Benchmarks
  • National Health Standards
  • National Personal Finance Standards
  • Common Core in both Language Arts and Mathematics
During our time with the students, we explore the following topics:

6th Grade Curriculum

Great Body Shop Curriculum (Middle School, Level 1) Units

·          Becoming a Life-long Learner

·          Body Systems (end of term)

·          Fitness and Nutrition

·          The Cycle of Life

·          Social and Emotional Health

·          Disease Illness and Prevention

·          Safety, Injury, and Violence Prevention

·          Substance Abuse Prevention

      Consumer, Community and Environmental Health

7th Grade Curriculum

·        Kitchen Safety

·        Food Safety

·        Measuring Skills

·        Following Recipes

·        Food and Nutrition

·        Healthy Food Preparation Methods

·        Consumerism Skills

·        Marketing and Advertising

·        Comparison Shopping

·        Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

·        Child Development

8th Grade Curriculum

·        Kitchen Safety

·        Food Safety

·        Healthy Food Preparation Skills

·        Food and Nutrition

·        Food and Our Environment

·        Banking

·        Money Management

·        Being Financially Responsible

·        Personal Finance Simulations

·        Job Skills

·        Career Exploration

·        Career Planning