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School Messenger and Ottoson_news emails

In an effort to better target the parents/guardians of current students, the Arlington Public Schools are gradually moving to “School Messenger” an email service connected to PowerSchool, the same platform which is used to track attendance and grades and also where all student demographic information is stored.

Since all current parents/guardians have at least one email in PowerSchool, this system will ensure that all families are reached and no extra subscription is needed.

The Ottoson middle school is an early adopter of this system and the Principal is sending all emails via School Messenger rather than to Ottoson_News.
Until the entire APS transitions fully to the new system, the Ottoson_news list is still used (from example by the Superintendent) so it is still very important for all parents to subscribe to the Ottoson_news list

If you are not subscribed, this can be done from the APS website by clicking on the "Families" tab then "PARENT NOTICES SIGN-UP" or directly at http://public.arlington.k12.ma.us/mailman/listinfo

Below is an archive of all the emails sent to Ottoson_news:

Archive of Ottoson_news