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Spyponders Google Apps

Spyponders is the name of the suite of
Google Apps for Education available to the Arlington Public Schools students.

All students who have a signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on file, have Google apps accounts using the format of
first initial, last name, year-of-graduation all lower case

For example Frank Smyte who will graduate in 2015 would be

Students need to logon and activate their accounts. Logon can be done in two ways:
  1. Using the link at the top of this page (using only their username, without the, for ex. fsmyte2015)
  2. Using a gmail logon screen (using the full username with the, for example
(Note: the most common mistake for students is to forget to include the year of graduation in their username, or forget to use the plural spyponders)

Rules and Requirements:

The Arlington Public Schools provide Google Apps for Education accounts to our students at and students are encouraged to use only these accounts for their school work. Students are reminded that if they choose to use other personal electronic accounts while at school they provide the school the right to review those accounts.

To use the Arlington Public School computers and to receive a account students and their parents/guardians must agree to the Student Acceptable Use Policy (4 pages) and provide a signed copy of the Student Technology and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement/Signature Page (2 pages).

If any help is needed in this process, please contact Mr. Snyder at