Exploratory Subjects

In addition to the four core subjects which are taught in a cluster setting, the students rotate among several "Exploratory subjects" teachers for subjects like languages, music, art etc. While some subjects are taught for the entire school year, others are in the students schedule only for one term at a time.

In 2016-2017 the exploratory subjects are as follows:

 Entire School Year (Four Terms)


Mandarin (Lu)
Latin (Holt)
Latin (Quinn)
French (Zachary)
French (Nicholas)
Spanish (Hyman)
Spanish (Matson Rinaldi)
Spanish (Minerd)
Spanish (Zachary)
Mandarin (Xiashu)
 Digital Media & Literacy (DML)  (6th grade)

Rivilis, Dash, Larrabee
 Physical Education and Health

Cooney, Cummings, Ghitelman,  Martorana, Nee

 Band, Chorus, Orchestra (elective) Smith (Gaffny), Condakes, Ditomaso, Elmendorf, Wei
One Term Only

 Smith (Gaffny), Elmendorf, Condakes

 Ford, McKenna, Serafini 
 Technology and Engineering (Tech)

 Blanchette, Rodriquenz, Whitney
 Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS)

 Ebersman, Pierce, O'Neil 
 Academic Challenge and Enrichment  (ACE)  (elective for eligible students)*

*note that students taking ACE might have to miss
Music, Art, Tech or FACS.