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Visual Arts

Upcoming shows: Thursday,​ ​November​ ​2:​ First Quarter Art Show, 6 - 8pm (in the Art Hallway)

Ottoson Visual Arts

Ottoson Art Dept. Facbook Page (Where general announcements and pictures are posted)

Mrs. Serafini's Art Room 

About the Ottoson Art Department Dream Team

Starting in 2015, the Ottoson Art Department has become a dream team! It consists of Ms. McKenna, Mrs. Serafini, and Mrs. Ford! This year is special because we have really been trying to create an art department that anyone can access. We are designing our lesson plans and curriculum together as a team and doing all the same lessons with our classes. This way, all students are on the same page, learning the same things and no one is missing out on something another class is doing. We also thought this would be a great opportunity for students to get to know the entire art department team, since we are doing all the same projects, students can go to any teacher with any question or concern rather than try and track down their specific teacher. We can also use this as an opportunity for our own development as teachers, we are constantly able to talk about our classes with each other and help each other with strategies we find helpful that pertain to certain classes or lessons. It truly is a dream team and we are so excited to continue and see what all these amazing students create!!