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Ottoson Student Advisory Council (OSAC)

The Ottoson Student Advisory Council (OSAC) is the student government organization that addresses student concerns.  The goal of this council is to create a forum where you are free to express your ideas and to explore ways to put these ideas into action.  Some of the projects that you may initiate include student dances, social events, fund-raisers, community outreach, and charity events.  OSAC will meet on a weekly basis after school to plan fundraisers, school events, and discuss school concerns.  

Any student can join OSAC, and the officers are two 8th grader members who are voted in by their fellow 7th and 8th OSAC members at the beginning of each year.  If you are curious, friendly, imaginative, and energetic, OSAC may be just the place for you!!  This is an opportunity to help make Ottoson an even more student-friendly community.

OSAC in 2018-19 is coordinated by: TBA.
The first information meeting of fall '18 is TBD.

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