World History

February 2, 2017

Dear 8th Graders and Families,

Soon you will be selecting your classes for your freshman year of high school.  When you log in to PowerSchool, you will see your recommendations.  There are three levels of World History available for freshman, described below from the AHS Program of Studies:

SS1320Z Modern World History - Curriculum B Grade 9 5 credits

SS1110Z Modern World History - Curriculum A Grade 9 5 credits

SS1105Z Modern World History - Curriculum H Grade 9 5 credits

In this course, students study major historical events in World History from the 1700s to the present. We will explore the French Revolution and Napoleon, the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, Nationalism, World War I and the Russian Revolution, the Interwar Years and Rise of Totalitarianism, World War II and the Holocaust, the Cold War, and colonial independence movements. We will also incorporate discussions of current events that connect to eras of the past.

Eighth grade teachers will recommend a class for your child based on their performance this year.  Our recommendations reflect where we think your child will get the support they need to be successful.  Recommendations are based on assessments and observations in the classroom. We take into consideration work ethic, independence, participation, ability to self-motivate and to work in groups, analytical skills, reading and writing skills, and overall comprehension of the content.  Most students will be recommended for the Curriculum A class, a college preparatory course.   Curriculum B is a high-support and highly scaffolded co-taught class.  For information about the Curriculum H (Honors) level, please see the attachment from the AHS history department.

When reviewing the recommendations, you may find you disagree with the placement.  Please talk to your child about why they were recommended for a given level and discuss with them if you would like to change it.  You can change to a different level if you wish.  However, we cannot change our recommendations once they are entered.  Ultimately, you make the decision about which course your child will take next year.  You do not need to contact us to change a class level during the selection process.

We wish you all the best in this exciting first step towards high school, and look forward to an enjoyable spring at Ottoson Middle School with your children


Lucy Conroy, James Fletcher, Julianna Keyes, and Todd Sundstrom

Ottoson 8th grade history teachers

Welcome to 840s World History! The class will focus on various World History topics.  I expect this to be a great year full of learning and fun!

This course will take us through select world civilizations during the time period of 800-1880 CE.  The students will examine important political, economic, social, cultural, and religious developments of the period, including the development of Islam and Christianity, the conflicts between them, Medieval Europe, the rise of Western Civilization, the development of Medieval and Modern Japan, and Dynastic China.  

Our textbook can be accessed through the Internet using the following information link:

User name: ottoson

Password: oms8th

Homework and other assignments will be posted on this website, as well as links to our Google Classroom and other online resources.


Creating an account

1.    Please enter the following link   This link can also be found under the quiz section of the class web site. 

2.   Please log-in through google using your spyponder username and password. 

Click on the link for the vocabulary set you want to review

Database Access

A great way to get started on a research paper is a database.  This will give you a great overview of your artist and help get the paper off the ground. I am having us access the Biography Database using the Minuteman Library network.  Please click on the log-on link  and use your library card number on use the following number to log-in  24865001219664.  You will have to scroll down to see the Biography data base. You can copy and paste the citation given at the bottom of the data base where is says "source citation" and use that on your bibliography.  


6/12: Complete Sections 1-8 on World History Final Study Guide
6/13: Complete Sections 9-16 on World History Final Study Guide
6/14: Study for World History Final (Tomorrow)
6/15: Be prepared to write "Letter to Self" tomorrow
6/16: Enjoy the weekend! 

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