Teacher Resources

Fun with Calendars

Fun with calendars has moved over to a new Calendar Resources page.

Professional Development Library

The print professional development collection is located in the Teacher Resource Center (a.k.a. the Copy Room) within the library. 

Professional Journals Online 

Did you know that many professional journals are available online through the Gale databases? 

Note: You will need to log on to the Gale databases to use the direct links below. The easiest way to do this is simply to authenticate your location by clicking on this link to Academic OneFile, then use the direct links below. If that doesn't work, please, please let me know, so I can help troubleshoot your access. You will need a password to use these databases from out of state. 
Unfortunately, at this time we only have indexed coverage of several more (e.g., Foreign Language Annals, English Journal, Educational Leadership, and Mathematics Teacher). I'm looking into other options, but in the meantime, if there is a specific article you need, come see me ... it is likely available through interlibrary loan.  

Curriculum Resources Online

The following websites offer online curriculum resources. 
  • Curriki
    Free, open-source lesson plans and instructional materials contributed by other teachers in an environment modeled after wikis. Find a lesson or share one of your own.
  • EDSITEment
    Humanities lesson plans including art, world languages, history and social studies, and English language arts. Search by subject, theme, or grade level.
  • Library of Congress
    Primary sources, lesson materials, and professional development from our nation's library. Especially strong for language arts, social studies, and fine arts. Be sure to check out their lesson plans and primary source sets. Check out the National Jukebox, an unprecedented collection of over 10,000 rare historical audio recordings. 
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    Teachers resources from the National Archives. Focus on using primary sources. Great information on genealogy research. 
  • National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
    Online science library with lesson plans and resources relating to science, technology, engineering, and math.  
  • ReadWriteThink
    Standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by teachers from the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. Search by keyword or filter for grade level, learning objective, theme, etc.
  • Smithsonian Institute
    Lessons and tools from the Smithsonian. 
  • Thinkfinity
    Searchable lesson plans in all disciplines from a variety of partner organizations (including several on this list) and online student interactives. Sponsored by Verizon.
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