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AP U.S. History

Summer work for 2018 - click here

"Magic Document" = CollegeBoard Course and Exam Description - click here 

AP U.S. History Rubrics - click here

AP U.S. History Jeopardy Review - click here

U.S. I Jeopardy Review - click here

U.S. II Jeopardy Review - click here

Gilder Lehrman AP Review Website - click here

Historical Periods, Definitions and % of Exam - click here

AP Essential Questions by Historical Theme - click here

List of DBQ and FRQ from the past few years - click here

Videos on Economics from each of the 9 time periods from the Bill of Rights Institute - click here

History of the Supreme Court - click here

Key Supreme Court Cases - click here

Resources about the Great Awakenings - click here and here

Alan Brinkley's American History Chapter Videos on YouTube by Adam Norris - review PowerPoints with audio on every chapter

Political Parties Over Time - click here

Reconstruction Website from PBS - click here
    The Special Features Q & A sections are especially helpful.

Reconstruction Timeline from PBS - click here

American Indian Timeline - click here

Immigration Timeline from the Library of Congress - click here

Immigration Timeline from Harvard U. 1789-1930 - click here

Interactive Map of Immigration - click here

Timeline of Presidents and key events - click here
*warning - there are a few historical inaccuracies on this list but the descriptions of the eras are pretty good*

Outline of all wars fought by Americans - click here



Weekly survey - click here

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