Gradebook Help

(Note:  it's always good to do a google search for Powerteacher gradebook setup. The youtube videos are always changing and are often good.)

The New Gradebook:
Yes, the rumor is true. A new Gradebook is coming (click here for info), but for now continue using the links below get started, or review the old Gradebook.

Gradebook Overview videos
Gradebook 1Gradebook 2 
(credit Rod Kirby)

 Take Attendance video  -  link

Attendance Absences- seeing all absences for a student

from powerteacher, select the info backpack for the a class

- select a student

- select Quick Lookup from the dropdown selections

- click the student's attendance number 

- you'll see a list of all absences, dated and coded

IPad and Android App Setup - Ipad and Android - open the App, go to the server settings and enter settings as they are in this image. (Won't work with APS Guest)(Only works in our buildings)

Gradebook - Launch issues and the Manual - 

Gradebook - View grades for dropped students - 

Gradebook Setup - Category,  Weights, Year and Terms:

These two videos used together show you pretty much all you need to know to setup your gradebook for the year and for each term.

Use the first 2 minutes of the first video, and follow that by using the entire second video:

    Video one - first 2 minutes - learn to create categories (credit Scotland Schools)

    Video two - learn to setup Y1 and Term weights then copy them between classes
                        (credit tech coach tool kit)


AHS Dates and Weights and Final Exams  

-- Wondering about Term Dates - click the Grade Set Up tab, the dates are there
-- Y1 weights - T1, T2, T3, T4 and X1 respectively are 22.25%, 22.25%, 22.25%, 22.25% and 11%.
-- Final Exams must be dated within the X1 term - even for Seniors, even though their exams are in May.
-- Also, Senior Q4 and Y1 grades need confirmed as the Senior finish. This is true of mixed grade classes too.
-- As the Terms turn, be aware and specific about the dates you apply to assignments. 

IPad App - Setup - open the App, go to the server settings and enter settings as they are in this image. (Won't work with APS Guest)(Only works in our buildings)

Parent-Student Portal Youtube, generic
(this is close, but not exactly what you'd see in the APS parent-student portal.)

(credit peagreensoup.)

Gradebook Verification:

    1. Open your Gradebook
    2. Choose your class and be sure you have selected the correct Reporting Term
    3. Double click the Q1 In Progress button (upper left)
    4. Note that the pop up box has a checkbox  forFinal Grades Complete, check the box and confirm
    5. Note the Q1 In Progress is changed to Q1 Grades Complete with a green check.
    6. You have to repeat steps 2 - 5 for each of your classes.
    7. As the year ends, Senior confirmations are due a week before graduation. Mixed grade classes need confirmed twice, once for Seniors, and a second time at the end of the year for the underclassmen.  

    8. Printing copies is possible by using the Reports button. Sorry, it's not as easy to view and print as it was before.