Instructional Technology

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Dan Sheehan, Manager of Academic Systems || 781.316.3389 ||
Jeffrey Snyder, Instructional Technology || 781.316.3572  ||

Tech PD August 29

New Teacher Orientation

Power School Access and Help:

Links From school and home

Gradebook and PowerTeacher Help, How To Video, Manuals, FAQ

App Setup - Ipad and Android - open the App, go to the server settings and enter settings as they are in this image. (Won't work with APS Guest)(Only works in our buildings)

Parent-Student Portal Youtube, generic
(this is close, but not exactly what you'd see in the APS parent-student portal.)
(credit peagreensoup.)

Citrix Home Access:

From home

Google Help:

Videos and tutorials

(includes Google Classroom and auto grading with Forms and Flubaroo)

More links, including:  


AHS Labs:

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device

Connect your device

Acceptable Use of the Internet and Electronic Devices:

To use Electronic Communications including the Internet and the computers of the Arlington Public Schools and personal electronic devices, students and their guardians must read, understand and agree to the Acceptable Use Policies, AUP and the Agreement pages linked below.  Students and Guardians should print copies of the AUP and Use Agreement for their own files, and must provide the signed Agreement pages to Arlington High School.

Photo Credit: Cory Brazile