Arlington Athletics is fully committed to providing opportunities
for student athletes to develop leadership, sportsmanship, citizenship
and other life-skills while fielding competitive teams. 

Core Values
Arlington Athletics considers the playing field as extension of the classroom. 
In conjunction with this belief, we strive to teach and model the ICARE values as 
practiced in Arlington Public Schools. 
Accountability and Responsibility
Effective Teamwork 


We believe through athletic experiences student-athletes enhance individual
and collective growth during their high school careers. We strive to teach lessons 
that translate from the playing field to daily life. Through these experiences, players 
are poised to strengthen various aspects of their development through their resilience, 
dedication, communication and teamwork. 
 Involvement in the athletic program is a privilege and members 
should remain mindful to the strong history and roots of our Arlington 
community that allow for the current athletic experiences enjoyed. 

Goals of Educational Athletics:
  • Develop skills including; time-management, communication, commitment, resilience, work-ethic, teamwork, sportsmanship. Increase confidence, maintain physical and emotional fitness, expand skill sets and build relationships.

  • Use the important platform of Educational-Athletics programming to unite community, exploit and build pride, connect with varying stakeholders and reinforce district values and goals. Seek to build relationships with youth, alumni and other stakeholders.

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Athletic Department Team Members: 

Stanley Vieira, Athletic Director 

Jocelyn Siccone, Administrative Assistant

Meagan Foley, Athletic Trainer

Amanda Mortelette, Equipment Manager 

Contact the department: 
Phone 781-316-3550
Fax 781-316-3558