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James Joyce                                                                                                 

James Augustine Joyce Aloysius (2 February - 1882 13 January 1941) was an Irish novelist and poet, considered to be one of the most influential writers in the modernist avant-garde of teh early 20th century.




Major works

Finnegans Wake

Global Bloomsday


James Joyce


 Joyce is born in Rathgar, Dublin on February 2nd


 Begins school at Conglowes Wood College


 Goes to Belvedere College


 Begins college at University College, Dublin


 Publishes 'Ibsen's New Drama'


 'The Day of the Rabblement' is published


 Joyce makes his first trip to Paris


 Joyce's mother, Mary Jane Joyce, dies


 Elopes with Nora; begins sketching A Portrait


 Giorgio, James and Nora's son, is born; they move to Trieste


 Live briefly in Rome; Most likely date of writing of Stephen Hero


 Lucia, James and Nora's daughter, is born; they move back to Trieste; Chamber Music is published


 Gives lectures on Shakespeare in Trieste


 Dubliners published; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is serialized in The Egoist


 The Joyces move to Zürich; work on Ulysses resumes; Exiles is written


 A Portrait is published in the United States


 A Portrait is published in Britain


 The serialization of Ulysses in The Little Review begins


 The Joyce's move to Paris and the serialization of Ulysses stops


 Ulysses is published in Paris


 The first section of Work in Progress is published in Transatlantic Review I


 Pomes Penyeach is published


 Finnegans Wake is published


 Joyce dies in Zürich at the age of 59