Arif in Wonderland©

Arif, Arif, in Wonderlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

 Arif in Wonderland is a regular feature on The Late Show.

His adventures and mishaps are chronicled as a warning to all.

Ahem. Yes. Arif has already proved to be an interesting character with an unfeasibly squeaky voice. His adventures are serialised below, although they should probably never be mentioned again.

Download the Theme Tune and use it as your ringtone (right click and choose 'Save Target As')

Download the alternative theme tune - 'Renegade Arif'. Nice.

Download the rocking new theme: 'Born to be Arif'. Yeah.

Download the astonishing gangster rap - 'Still Arif'. For sho'.

Listen to the episodes below (if audio does not open, right click and 'Save Target As'):

Episode 1 - Arif gets into trouble with the law

Episode 2 - Arif goes to prison and comes out

Episode 3 - Arif thinks hard

Episode 4 - Arif makes some changes

Episode 5 - Arif has a vision

Episode 6 - Arif fights back

Episode 7 - Arif resolves issues (including bonus feature at the end)

Episode 8 - Arif restores normality

Episode 9 - Arif goes shopping

Episode 10 - Arif on the street

Episode 11 - Arif in turmoil

Episode 12 - Arif gets a surprise

Episode 13 - Arif networks and liaises

Episode 14 - Arif travels

Episode 15 - Arif lends his valuable expertise

Episode 16 - Arif returns

Episode 17 - Arif serves his community

Episode 18 - Still Arif (rap tune to reform the unruly youth)