ATSSB Region 2

Welcome to the new region website.  This is the official site of ATSSB Region 2.  Proudly serving the students of Region 2 and Region 31.

Important Announcements

OPS Information is listed in the ATSSB March Newsletter.  Make sure that you read the information on the newsletter as well as the OPS Purpose and Procedure on the ATSSB website.

Upcoming Events

ATSSB Region 2

OPS Entries
    Mailing Deadline - May 23, 2017
    Region 2 Directors mail OPS Entries to:
        Region 29 Coordinator
        John Rauschuber
        2000 Crown View Drive
        Kerville, TX 78028

TBA Convention - July 20-22

Region 2 Fall Meeting - August 19 - 10:00am - Guyer HS