Hello, parents and students.  This is the teacher site of Paul Deiss, instructor with the Musical Theater department at Appomattox Regional Governor's School.
This site shares music studied in class.
To the left is a menu of classes.
Click on a class to see a menu of files, which are mostly .mp3 audio. (There are also sub-pages within most menus, so look closely.)
The files will allow students to study material with accompaniment only (there are no vocals on the audio files.)
Files are usually added to this site after they are introduced in class.
Students:  These files are a great way to expand your personal repertoire (e.g., for auditions, recitals, cabarets) so please don't limit yourselves to the material being covered in your classes alone.  Explore!

  When a song title is followed by a number (e.g., -4, +2, -1, etc.) it means the original key has been altered by this increment of semitones (half-steps.)

Mr. Deiss