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Born in Aspen, CO in 1981, Oakland based illustrator Hannah Stouffer endeavors to understand the greatest human conflict and the constant contentions that we all endure.  In her work, feminine decorative embellishments are counterbalanced by macabre motifs, the animal kingdom, and the never-ending pursuit of illustrating explosive emotional transcendence.  Stouffer is best known for the incongruity of intricately executed imagery and shadowy and ethereal themes.

Hannah Stouffer has maintained a strong presence in the illustration world while simultaneously exhibiting her work as both a commercial and fine artist.  With an extensive international client list and an impressive roster of galleries, Stouffer’s busy schedule necessitates continual artistic evolution. 

Stouffer has begun to step into new realms with an emerging body of work based on themes of fate and the inevitable and the endless quest to alter, conquer, and control these intangible forces.  After a 3 month-long black magic spirit quest, Stouffer has become consumed with exploring and understanding our desire to predict and control natural circumstances and events through traditional, ritual and magical arts.  Her new work involves summoning these practices by reaching into the unknown, recreating and praising them.

Visit Hannah at www.grandarray.com
For press inquiries please contact danielle@argotandochre.com

The Littlest Hobo

All I ever wanted was to buy an old black van and paint an epic wizard on the side surfing through space. I’d pull up to the beach, open the door open and just draw. I'd drive it all around the the country with my dog… sleeping where we felt like, eating cans of beans, with a bottle of Jameson under the seat, black leather jacket, black leather boots, red lipstick, King Diamond, Burning Witch, Electric Wizard. Done.

It all seems so romantic.  After that plan fell through, faulty car salesmen and a small claims court date, I adjust accordingly.  I really had no choice, but to just GO.  So I chose the next best thing- the Amtrak train.  And so it begins, escorted out of LAX by LAPD… oh, there's my switchblade.  Misdemeanor #1, and court case #2 - back to the airport, ok, here we go for reals…

Straight to New Orleans for Jazzfest, Juvenile, gator gumbo, and rain - fucking perfect.  The quest for authentic voodoo, cheap whisky, and the last remaining seafood before the oil hits - a week on Garrett’s floor with my sketchbook. I’m so content.

Meridian, Mississippi, Birmingham Alabama, - amazing 8 hour window views and the hotels are looking more and more like scenes out of the Shining.  For the first time in years I’m actually fucking terrified at night, alone, in the middle of nowhere. Bought a collection of Occult Digest from the 1930's, and stole a book on Hell.  Late night country fairs, pawn shops and fried, dripping BBQ everything.   Behind the scenes of cemeteries, free wireless at Hooters, God bless America.

Atlanta, GA has the world’s largest aquarium, it’s a lot like Disneyland--on weed. Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Joc and Dro… Things get weird on the overnight Amtrak trains, but so do does Motel 6 at 3am.  Take a Xanax, sleep it off… pretend I didn’t just see that- leave the infomercials running and triple lock the doors.

The Museum of Natural History in DC, a giant squid in a jar and the leaning tower of Pizza.  I’m still refusing to give into the time change, going to sleep around 5am.  I’m looking close to homeless, putting in hours in the park, the Littlest Hobo. To the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, I just knew we'd get along....

Philly is Geno's for breakfast, Pats for Lunch, wiz wet, double lightning. I was pretty sure Transylvania was in Pennsylvania but I guess they moved it.  I'm not sure why. Train to NY, and a run across the Williamsburg Bridge.  Court dates are beginning to overlap my travel plans, and my life is catching up with me.  Three months later, the same dirty black clothes and way too much clarity…  Back to California and I never want to leave this bed again.

-Hannah Stouffer, Summer 2010

Curriculum Vitae

B. 1981, Aspen Colorado.
Lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Together Gallery, Ritual Magick, Portland, OR
After Life, 'The Second Coming', San Francisco, CA


CC Rider, 'Black Dawn', San Francisco, CA


Gallery 554, 'Darkness Falls Forever', Los Angeles, CA
DDR Projects, '18K Jungle', Long Beach, CA
Plastic Chapel, 'For the Love', Denver, CO
EDO, 'This is High Society', San Francisco, CA


Giant Robot, Print Show, New York, NY
Gallery Heist, ‘We Havn’t Felt This Way in Years, San Francisco, CA

Together Gallery (2 person) Portland, OR

Nomad Gallery, Summer Fling, Los Angeles, CA

Pony Club Gallery, Diorama Drama, Portland, OR

Tinlark Gallery, Oodles of Doodles, Los Angeles, CA


Junc Gallery, Blood is the New Black Anniversary show, LA CA

Giant Robot, Vast Happenings, New York, NY

Giant Robot Biennale, Japanese American Museum, LA, CA

Red Brick Art Center, Aspen. CO

Show Cave 'Animal Sex' (2 person), Los Angeles, CA

111 Minna, Freak of Nature, San Francisco, CA

Pulp Gallery, Omaha, NE

Parlor Gallery, Ashbury Park, NJ

Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


GRLA, ‘Year of the Rat’ Los Angeles, CA

BLVD Gallery, ‘Trade Bloc’, Seattle, WA

Compound Gallery, ‘Alice’, Portland, OR

Lower Hater, 'American Gladiators', San Francisco, CA

Bliss Gallery, 'Well and Good', Toronto, Canada

Gallery Nucleus, 'La Femme', Alhambra, CA

Giant Robot, 'Tree Show', San Francisco, CA

Together Gallery, ‘Swim Meet’ Portland, OR
Compound Gallery, ‘Girl Show’,Portland, OR

Nucleus Gallery, ‘Process’, Alhambra, CA

Space Gallery, ‘Best Friends’, San Francisco, CA

Domy Gallery, ‘You're a Serpent...’, Houston, TX

Grey Area Gallery, ‘Sugar Sugar’, San Francisco, CA

Reciever Gallery, ‘I Think We Should Split Up’, San Francisco, CA


Compound Gallery, ‘Angels Show’, Portland OR

Trunkspace Gallery, ‘Group Show’, Phoenix, AZ

White Walls Gallery, ‘Well Hung’, San Francisco, CA

Arspace, ‘Night Gallery’, San Francisco, CA

Primary Space, ‘Three Dollar Pancake,’ Hamtramck, MI


National Product, ‘Lets Migrate South’ (2 person), San Francisco, CA

Hotel des Art, ‘StartSoma’, San Francisco, CA

Ghetto Gloss, ‘All Girls Show’, Los Angeles, CA

Plush Gallery, ‘Vitale’, St.Petersburgh, FL

Canvas Gallery, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, San Francisco, CA

Vitale Gallery, ‘Ladies Night’, St. Petersburgh, FL

Primary Space, ‘Beaks and Bucks’, Hamtramck, MI

Primary Space Gallery, ‘Golden State’, Hamtramck, M

Gallery 1988, ‘Almost Larger than Life’, Los Angeles, CA



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