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The passionate singing of Kent Courtney started when he was a child.  Kent was the son of parents who loved to sing.  They sang throughout the day, so his childhood was like a musical.  He knew the words to the essential Americana repertoire at an early age.  He started to learn violin in fourth grade at Lafayette School in New Orleans. His Aunt Phoebe gave him a guitar in fifth grade and Kent begged his mother to let him stop the violin lessons and take guitar lessons instead.  His mother insisted the he continue the violin lessons through sixth grade and he was on his own to learn guitar.

That gave Kent a rebellious edge to learning guitar.  He pursued his guitar playing with a passion.  His father busted some of his records, because of their anti-establishment content.  That added fuel to the fire in Kent's determination to learn music.

Kent had an intense music career that included extensive woodshedding in the Pacific Ocean, when he was a sailor for the U. S. Navy.  He still has a love for seafaring songs.

Kent stumbled onto some interesting niches in folk music that got him on National TV on a regular basis.

As an actor and singer, Kent Courtney frequently appears on The History Channel, and he has been heard and seen on: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, BBC, Good Morning America, PBS, The Travel Channel,CNN, C-SPAN and National Public Radio.

He is currently appearing in The History Channel's  Stealing Lincoln's Body, as Terrence Mullen, one of the conspirators, who in 1876 tried to take Abraham Lincoln's Body out of his Mausoleum in Springfield, Illinois, and hold it for ransom.

In April of 2011, The History Channel re-aired April, 1865, in which he portrayed General Breckenridge who, as Secretary of War, surrendered the Confederacy to General William T. Sherman.

Another series that he repeatedly appears in is Civil War Combat.  That cornerstone series is rotated over and over again on The History Channel.  He portrayed General Cobb in command of a section of the Line in the Fredericksburg episode.  In the Manassas episode, he leads the Fifth New York regiment in a rousing version of "John Brown's Body".  The Franklin episode finds him portraying a United States Army drummer.  In other episodes he was a soldier, a gambler and he died fighting in two episodes.

With the frequency of re-runs of the many programs that he has appeared on for The History Channel - particularly with the morning school programming - he has a high facial-recognition with all age groups in national markets.  To view Kent Courtney's Internet Movie Data Base page, go to:

Susan Courtney is an amazing drummer with a unique kit that includes djembe, dumbek, kick drum, high-hat, foot tambourine, shaker, bongos and gong.  Tired of the same old beats, Susan created her own unique sound that works perfectly with the music that they play.  She combines Celtic drive with African, Indian and Middle Eastern rhythms.  Applied to traditional and pop music the effect is electrifying and give a fresh life to many standards.

Susan gives drum lessons and drum workshops for the djembe and dumbek hand drums.  She also does "drum parties".  Not only is she a talented musician, she is a gifted visual artist as well.  Check out her websites at

Susan is a wonderful wordsmith - her mother is a poet.  The original music of Metrograde is evocative of Loreena McKinnett mixed with the classic folk rock stylings of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Metrograde a pour mission de refaire le revêtement du folk-rock bon vieux temps autour du monde!