Do you love Frederick County, Maryland? Then join us Friday mornings at 10am to talk about it LIVE on FrederickWeek!

FrederickWeek is a show all about what's great about Frederick County, Maryland, USA. The show is streamed LIVE on YouTube and the homepage of and other local websites. The show cast joins via webcam and google+ hangout technology. google+ is a FREE service. 

Currently, we're adding to the show panel. In addition to Craig Shipp the shows technical host we will have four regular panel members. This leaves room in the google+ hangout for up to five guests (max number in a hangout is 10). 

The show airs LIVE at 10am (USA Eastern time) every Friday. The show usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and guests can come and go so there is no need for everyone to stay in the hangout for the entire show. Shows will be recorded so they can be watched at any time for those who can't tune in live. 

This is our opportunity to do something positive for Frederick County and have fun at the same time. Let us know if you are available as a panel member or guest. 

See for more about shows recorded using google+ hangouts.

Show guests be sure to circle the show's producer Craig Shipp on google+ at:

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Broadcasting Tips and Tricks

Broadcast quality tips: 1) Have good lighting on your face; 2) Use a good camera e. g. Logitech C910 or C9000; 3) Use earbuds to help control feedback; 4) Keep room noise down and/or mute your mic when not talking; 5) Get a good mic like the Blue Yeti; 6) Connect to your router via cat 5 cable instead of wireless; 7) Shut down extra browser windows or programs to conserve computer resources. 8) Use google chrome or firefox NOT Internet Explorer as your browser. 9) Have fun!

To learn more about google+ see:

We stream LIVE here every Friday at 10am - recorded shows below:
SPECIAL NOTE: FrederickWEEK shows are suspended until
Fall, 2015. In the mean time please enjoy the shows below:

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