hangout10 is a series of shows that are recorded and broadcast LIVE using the exciting google+ hangout feature. Up to ten people can join a hangout and this can result in some fun times. hangout10 is an opportunity to capture and share great content. All shows are for general audiences and family friendly. 

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Interested in hosting your own show? All you need is a good Internet connection (DSL or cable modem), a webcam (Logitech C-910 is great), some talent and up to eight cast members that have the same. We take care of the rest. You will be amazed how fast, fun and easy this is. Send e-mail to 

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Daria Musk google+ story

LED HEART - Daria Musk - Live In NYC

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PS: Here are a few more examples of recorded google+ hangouts: (Much Ado About Nothing Act 1) (google+ likes and dislikes) (trading tips, mentoring) (Sarah Hill's channel) (Sarah Hill - Veterans United) (Peter McDermott)

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Must watch! Google Hangout creator Chee Chew answers your questions.

Google Hangout creator Chee Chew answers your questions

Sarah Hill & Chee Chew - google plus week

Craig Shipp with Sarah Hill and Chee Chew on google plus week
+Christy Wilcox live from Turkey at the Syria border:

Christy Wilcox LIVE from Turkey

hangout10 - Audrey Scherer

hangout10 - Oct 14 Audrey

hangout10 Show

Hangout10 - Audrey Mic Check!

hoopingLIVE - July 8 - Melissa B

hangout10 - Audrey Scherer

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Broadcasting Tips and Tricks

Special Note: To learn more about google+ hangouts (we use them for the show) see:

Broadcast quality tips: 1) Have good lighting on your face; 2) Use a good camera e. g. Logitech C910 or C9000; 3) Use earbuds to help control feedback; 4) Keep room noise down and/or mute your mic when not talking; 5) Get a good mic like the Blue Yeti; 6) Connect to your router via cat 5 cable instead of wireless; 7) Shut down extra browser windows or programs to conserve computer resources. 8) Use google chrome or firefox NOT Internet Explorer as your browser. 9) Confirm your Internet connection speed using to test (for example my numbers for Comcast's medium level of service are about 35Mbps down and 5Mbps up. with a 65ms round trip time).  Have fun! Click Here for some hangout gear tips!

To learn more about google+ see:

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Sarah Hill - hangout Star!