Archdiocese of Philadelphia

CYO Track & Field
Area A

Welcome to the Philadelphia CYO Track & Field Area A website. Hopefully you will find useful information about the upcoming season, team information, and the latest meet results. 

    *** New - 2018 introductory coaches meeting notes are posted here 

    Important dates for 2018

 March 17 Team size emailed to Dan Danifo for meet and team scheduling
 April 1 Deadline for Initial Roster to Division/Region Commissioner - send via email to Dan  Danifo
 March 24
 1st meet of the season (short meet with only half the events; all will compete at Rush)
 April 7 2nd meet of the season 
 April 10 Roster form signed and mailed to Drew McQuade
 April 13 Deadline for roster additions to Division/Region Commissioner - send via email to Dan  Danifo
 April 14 3rd meet of the season 
 April 16 Penn Relays Roster Deadline - send via email to Terence O'Connell
 April 21 4th meet of the season
 April 24 CYO night at the Penn Relays 
 April 28 5th meet of the season 
 May 5 and 6 Divisional or Regional championship meets 
 May 20 Area Championship meet
 June 2 Archdiocesan Championship meet