Area51 and LANTastic would like the thank the following sponsors for their support.
Servers/Network equipment infrastructure

Prizes and give-aways
Prizes and give-aways




LANTastic Sponsorship
Sponsorship is always welcome and LANTastic extends invitations to interested parties who wish to engaging it's unique demographic.

The LANTastic demographic is primarily IT professionals, who share an interest in mutliplayer PC gaming and general computing. These same  individuals service or are directly employed in positions of influence with 100's of SME's within Australia. Participation with LANtastic events offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to showcase their products to influential IT professionals and gain endorsement.

Currently LANTastic is seeking sponsorship in the follow areas.

  • Wireless internet connectivity. (3G/GPRS/ADSL connectivity)
  • Competition prizes/gift vouchers.
  • Promotional give-aways.
If you wish to discuss sponsor opportunities, please email the organising committee (lantastic@area51.org.au).