Event Info

LANTastic aims to be relaxed and informal. We don't offer seat reservations or enforce any software policies or restriction. The only requirement is that you are of legal age (18 years or older).  The bulk of the attendees are veterans of the LAN party scene and choose LANTastic over other events as it caters for the older gamers, who like mature company.

Attendance varies from 20-40, depending on other local (non-LAN) events. Check out the Up coming events page for dates.

Rock up, setup and play. If you have a dedicated server, even better. The games we play change at every LAN and suggestions are always welcome.

What to bring: Computer + Monitor or LCD
Head phones
LAN Cable (5 metres minimum recommended)
Power board if more than one power point required.
Steering wheel!
What not to bring: Speakers are not permitted.
Large quantities of alcohol.


Corner of Alison St and Kibby Av
Glenelg North  5045

From Anzac Hwy:
Heading down Anzac Hwy, towards Glenelg, two streets before Tapleys hill road turn right onto Alison st and continue to end. RSL Club is at the end of the street, just before the Sturt river bridge.

From Tapley Hill rd:
Travel south past the airport. Kibby av. is the 5th road on your left after the Sturt river bridge. Travel to the end, where the Community Hall is located.

Glenelg North Community Centre