SAI Survey

Email Content September 2017 from Lenett to Principals RE: SAI Tokens
SAI tokens for your district have been sent to your district curriculum coordinator.  This fall survey will remain open through December 20.  The email I sent along with each building's survey and reporting tokens is as follows:

This perceptual survey is available free of charge to school districts in Arkansas and is available in the fall and spring of each year.  Results serve as another source of data to guide your school improvement efforts.  More information and your tokens follow.  Click here to access some information about the SAI survey and see how it might be helpful data for you.  

The Fall 2017 Standard Assessment Inventory is now open for all of our schools.  I encourage you to take advantage of this free assessment opportunity.  It will give your principals and district-level staff members valuable feedback from their teachers on several teaching and cultural standards.  This will help the administrators in your district identify strengths and weaknesses for each building in these areas.  The only token the teachers will need in order to take this survey is the survey token for their building.  The reporting token will be used after administration of the survey so that the building and district leaders may view the results.  The administration window for this survey will be open through December 20.    

Internet address:

The first set of letters in each line is the REPORTING TOKEN (needed for administrator to view data) and the second set is the SURVEY TOKEN (needed for teachers to take survey).

November 2016 Presentation on SAI Basics Tom Manning

There are 2 survey windows each year (fall and spring). You can choose to do both, or just one. 10 educators must complete the survey for your school in order for a report to be generated.

Lenett will notify principals when she sends the tokens to the district contact person. Teachers and other educators that you want to participate in the survey will need the "Survey Token" to complete the survey.

You will need the "Report Token" to access the reports and the Resource Briefs (guide).

Many survey items align with ACSIP indicators and as such, can be used as data points in InDistar. Survey data can also inform building wide PGP goals as well as being used as a needs assessment for Federal Programs.