November 2015

Ideas to Promote a Positive Culture in Your School

Arch Ford Principals’ Zone Meeting Agenda                                          

November 5, 2015

Welcome -  Lead Simply

Change Matrix Activity

ACSIP/Indistar/Leadership Team (Policy) - Jamie Burris

Sheila Smith, Assessing Behavior Training Needs Available Resources    

training is Dec 1 based on input provided today

RTI Team Process - Donny Forehand RTI Self-Assessment

TCC Updates - Lenett Thrasher

1 Minute Mindfulness

Dyslexia & 504 - Dr. Kevin Brady

Review of Additional Resources Links



Science Standards Update

Elementary, Middle, and High Groups meet

for continued conversation around these or

other topics/best practice


Lenett Thrasher,
Nov 5, 2015, 7:07 AM