March 2016

Arch Ford Principals’ Meeting

March 30, 2016


8:30-9:00 Welcome

Rock Solid Leadership

Computer Science Opportunities:

High School CS Support Program

7th/8th CS Support Program

Elementary CS Support Program

9:00-10:00 Justin Baeder of The Principal Center

“Evidence-Based, Framework-Linked Conversations” Notes from the session

10:00-10:15 Break & Novice Teacher Needs - From the Principal’s Perspective

10:15-10:45 Aaron Harris

“Everfi”        notes from the session

          • TCC Conference 1.5.15 NV.pptx
          • EverFi is working in coordination with the AR State Treasurer to provide STEM and financial courses free to AR schools.  The courses are completely online and split into modules.  Each course includes a pre-assessment, instruction, guided practice, and a post-assessment all of which can be monitored by the teacher.
          • Contact Aaron Harris (; 501.940.7697) for more information. Additional recommendations for course completion:
            • Chrome is the recommended browser
            • Headphones are a must
            • Student username and password should be easy for teachers to remember

    10:45-11:15 Lenett Thrasher

    February TCC Updates  

                            March TCC Updates

    11:15-11:30 Rocci Malone

    “Leadership Quest” Journeys notes from the session

    11:30-12:15 Lunch

    12:15                        Electronic Scavenger Hunt

                                     Review of Summer Offerings

    12:15-2:00 Zone Meetings (Elementary, Middle, & High School separately)

                                    Conversations Continue Around: topics from the morning, and/or additional topics of concern or to celebrate, 

                                    and/or Summary of Stephen Covey’s 8th Habit

    REMINDER:  Admin Institute:  June 20-23

    BloomBoard will release the 16/17 PGP tab in the next few days. It’s possible during this year’s summative to review PGP goals for 15/16 decide which are complete and ready to archive and which will remain (don’t click complete on those). The Summative Meeting page can be used for comments on this year’s PGP as well as suggestions for 16/17 PGP goals. It’s possible to schedule the 16/17 PGP meeting so they can complete the PGP goals (post it notes; 2-3); tag them to indicators/components (2-4 tags per goal), and  TESS questions for each goal PRIOR to leaving for summer. Districts need to decide if the self-evaluation will be done each year, each novice year, each year a complete summative is done, or not at all.