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Student Success Plans

Here are the requirements for a student success plan as described in Act 930.

Student Success Plans - Memo Act 930 of 2017 defines a Student Success Plan as “a personalized education plan intended to assist students with achieving readiness for college, career, and community engagement.” By the end of the 2018-19 school year, each eighth grade student shall have a Student Success Plan in place that is developed by school personnel in collaboration with parent and student. Although districts are encouraged to develop a Student Success Plan for every student, a Student Success Plan is only required for students beginning in eighth grade, and must be updated at least annually thereafter.  ADE resources from the October 2 training at Arch Ford: (resource #1  resource #2)

  • Danville SSP- Draft Plan - Not all requirements are covered at this time.
  • Pottsville SSP - Draft Plan
    • Notes about Pottsville's Schedule:  Pottsville JH and HS have advisory at the beginning of 4th period.  Fourth period is 15 min longer than the other periods.  They have planned advisory activities 1x a month.  Clubs and other activities also get planned during advisory.