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January 2019

January 15, 2019 Agenda:

**Districts that have "No Limits" packets in the front office:
Nemo Vista
West Side
Heber Springs
South Side

​8:30 - Welcome / Opening: Julie Workman
8:35 - Look Fors in the Math Classroom: Kim Hughes & Jacob Sisson   Putting Effective Teaching Practices Into Pratice
9:50 - Break
10:00 - Science Updates: Sharon McKinney
10:10 - Going Further With Attendance: Julie Workman & Rachel Schell                                   Link to Laws Regarding Attendance     Link to LexisNexis to search for any law. Check Title 6; then use search bar
             *Reminders of Where to find Attendance Works Info & Support Available
             *Student GPS: How to Create Watch Lists for Chronic Absences
             *Lessons Learned
             *Model Attendance Policies from Attendance Works
             *Reviewing & Revising Attendance Policies: Group Discussion & Sharing
             *Tying it Together through ESSA
                   -New Business Rules
                   -Offer of Support for Admin Teams and/or Building Teams
11:10 -    TCC Updates: Focus on Summer SoR Plans & SoR implications for licensure:  Marilyn Johnson

11:35 .     Lunch

12:15 -     Principal PLC Time - Mary Beth Cox & Kelli Martin: Leading Rapid Improvement Through the Planning Process

EXIT TICKET - Also 2nd Year BAs have a certificate of attendance to pick up.

The handout that Dr. Kanold used during the symposium "The 5 Disciplines of PLC Leaders" can be found (here)

NEXT MEETING:  March 5 - Pertinent Updates & Topics

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Unit:APSCN - Student Management System