Electronic Fingerprinting



Beginning January 1, 2018 there will be a $10 charge to each person being fingerprinted from a sub agency (such as Sub Teach or Will Sub).  This must be paid in cash prior to being fingerprinted.  No checks or credit cards will be accepted.  If you are a school district employee this does not apply to you.

We will be processing fingerprints every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  An appointment is not needed for these times, we will operate on a first come first serve basis.  Prior to arriving at the Co-op please have your background check consent form, valid photo ID and your transaction ID number in hand.  

Live Scan Fingerprinting


Self-paying Instructions

1.  Visit www.ar.gov/ADEbackground and follow the on-screen instructions.

2.  Once you enter the information, you will be asked to submit a credit card or debit card number for payment.

3.  Write down/print out your transaction ID number

4.  Visit http://adeaels.arkansas.gov/AelsWeb/Consent/Consent1.aspx

5.  Once this form is completed, print and bring with you to the Co-op.  Once it is submitted, it will go to the ADE.


School Paying

1.   The school district must request the background check through the online Criminal Background Check System.  Provide the applicant with the transaction ID number.

2.   Administrator will then instruct the applicant to visit http://adeaels.arkansas.gov/AelsWeb/Consent/Consent1.aspx , they will need to print this form off and then submit (online)

3.  Once the above steps are completed the applicant will come to Arch Ford during a scheduled time with their background check consent form valid photo ID and transaction ID number.

**Keep in mind, regardless of who is paying, the transaction ID is only valid for 14 (fourteen) days--so once your background is keyed online you have only 14 (fourteen) days to come in and complete your electronic fingerprints.


If a school district has a large number of applicants they would like to bring at one time, please contact Lindsay Williams at 501-208-5433 or lindsay.williams@archford.org to schedule a day and time.


Schools will be billed through Information Network of Arkansas (INA). No transactions will occur between Arch Ford and the district.

The school district will be able to track the status of the FBI check (fingerprint) at any time by visiting www.arkansas.gov/fbistatus