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Group 3: transflower

Members: 林信和 Hsinher, 黃致傑 Scottie, 簡智威 Johnny

In this 2 days workshop, we developed a structure unit, we called "Trans-flower". This artificial moveable structure is used the twist with force in actuator. The concept is from the serious of (fingure 1.): the actuator of umbrella, natural plant conformation and architecture spiral frames.

We try to combine with a servo motor enable to study the form transformations. The servo motor is put inside transflower to firmly grasp the structure itself. Therefore, the form transformation would be embedded with force, for making natural dynamical expression.

In this prototypes, we use hanging and standing two mode for building this transform structure (fingure 2.). Here is coming with a fews of problems need to solving: (1) the design of degrees of freedom of joints; (2) the communication between motor torsion and mechanical act and (3) the parent and son relationships as tugging action in objects while transforming.

We develop a spatial geometry design form from square based pyramid (fingure 3.). And then modify the joint to accept for more DOFs. By the constrains of geometry structure and a few freedom on rotations, transflower could be created an exact transform ranges. Therefore, the form changing will following the twist of force.

Two sensors are utilized in this prototype providing the ways of interaction. We utilize BasicStamp programing simple interact behavior with human to control the servo motor. IR sensor can be used to sense movement of free-hands and body passing (fingure 4.). And the mercury switch can be used to sense shaking and the directions of the collapse. These two kinds of interaction modes provide the possibilities in future to consider the development. Adapting human living in house and transforming to any furniture, we think transflowers will be manipulated in smart house in future.

fingure 1. early consept sketch
k1 k2 k4
fingure 2. hanging and standing two mode in prototype


fingure 3. original forms likes square based pyramid


movie 1. short indroducing
fingure 4. you can wave freehands to transform the structure.
movie 2. demo
movioe 3. demo
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