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Sixth grade science focuses on life science.  Students will experience a variety of hands-on activities while they learn about the living environment around them.  Sixth grade science will be different than science that students have had in the past.  Middle school marks a transition for students in many ways and one of those is the expectations of their content classes.  Many content classes will be more vocabulary focused and will challenge students to think and analyze information in new ways.  Students will continually apply their new skills to new concepts being learned.

Topics and content taught in 6th grade science includes cells, heredity, classification of living things, plants, animals and environmental science.  Students will also participate in a greenhouse unit in the spring of the year.  Students will be expected to work in many different classroom settings including large and small groups, lab settings and independent settings.

     Allyson LaFave

                                           6th Grade Science &  Reading/Language Arts

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