Welcome to Sixth Grade at Arcadia Middle School!

On this site you will find information that will be helpful for you and your sixth grader as we move through the school year.  Please take the time to explore this site and check back often to see what is happening in our school.

Middle School Philosophy 


Our sixth graders are part of our middle school.  They follow an 8 hour day with a 30 minute lunch period.  They have one recess each day following their lunch.  Their day will also include a breakfast break in the morning as well as an intervention/enrichment (I/E) period.  Students will rotate through their classes during the day and will be responsible for learning their class schedule.  Students will have a locker to keep their backpacks, jackets and materials in.  They will also have a locker for physical education and will need to learn the combinations for both of these lockers.

Get Organized!!


It's very important that each student has and uses a system of organization that works well for them.  There is no "one-size-fits-all" organizational system.  Some tips that have proven successful for students in the past are:
  •        keeping a clean locker
  •        using the daily planner consistently
  •        pack your backpack the night before school, not in the morning
Students will also utilize the HOPS organization system.  They will be introduced to this system at the beginning of the school year.