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The mission of the River Street Program is to provide a safe learning atmosphere where students can be successful, feel safe, grow and identify the value in life-long learning.  Students will develop the evaluative skills to think for themselves, own their learning and become contributing members of the community by developing high standards and expectations for themselves.


The vision for The River Street Program is to be a community of learners in which everyone has the opportunity to achieve success and to graduate with a diploma from Arcadia High School by obtaining skills to become a positive, contributing member of the community, knowing that anything is possible if you are determined and persevere in all aspects of life and living.  



Alternative education is a pull out program.  Students will not take any classes in regular education, instead all classes and coursework will be done within the alternative education classroom.

Students who finish the program successfully will earn a regular Arcadia High School diploma!!


This program is available to seniors at least 17.5 years of age, whom are significantly credit deficient and will not be able to get the necessary credits before the end of the school year to graduate.

This program is also available to those who did not graduate and are under 21 years old.

GEDO #2 gives those, who complete the program successfully, a Arcadia High School Diploma!!

We have some fun too!                

  We won the door contest!