These Mornings of Rain

I know I have someone
To watch over me
On these misty mornings
I listen, and hear
The footsteps he once took 
Down the wooden stairs.

I hear the voice of the man
I once knew as my father
Telling us the way
Of the Samurai.

Sakura blossoms falling
Slowly dancing through the air
Living a short life
Just like he did.

I howl at the moon
As lightning strikes
Listening to the sounds,
I once knew well.

Rikki Rosenthal (She/They) is a Transfer Student from Brookdale Community College with an Associates Degree in Creative Writing. Their work has been featured in two previous publications, the 2018 edition of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society's Nota Bene: Literary Anthology, an honor only 30 people receive upon thousands of submissions. As well as Brookdale Community College's Literary Magazine: Collage 2019, where two of their poems are featured. Rikki is currently studying Environmental Journalism, works as a student blogger for Because Arcadia, and hopes to become even more involved in campus activities in the future. They are so honored to be featured in the 8th issue of Quiddity and look forward to submitting more work for the magazine in the future.