Stars in My Eyes

I have nothing to say
for the ordinary life
I never asked for;
brick by brick
destroy it
leave the white 
picket fence aflame,
let its past-consuming light
spark your cigarette
and the stars overhead,
they give direction
just not to me

lost and not yet alone
headlights on this
godforsaken road,
with people who have
no sense of ordinary 
their lips pursed with words
that could:
murder millions,
create a chaos 
this dimension
so desperately needs

worry and fear and anger
become nothing more
than half-lived memories
because interesting
costs quite the price
(your soul, $50,000,
tax not included);
and the nights
we would always
forget to remember
will one day knock on our doors

they will find us
late one fall afternoon
reminding us of where
we lost ourselves in the
endless beating 
of the unforgiving rain,
calling us back
to the place
where our lives
had just barely started,
waiting for us,
irrevocably in our youth.

Katie Jobson is a sophomore psychology major at Arcadia University. She likes writing poetry as a hobby when she's not writing research papers. This is her first submitted work to a literary magazine.