I found them wedged in the bottom of my shoes.
They traveled such a long way,
But they were never supposed to leave.

They tumbled out of the scuffed bottom, small, round and rough.
A pink and white ombre lay on the floor,
With bits of tan speckled in between.
The pebbles are long and chalky,
But they don’t show their age.

The small little rocks had seen so much,
Hiding in the nooks of my shoes.
They have been to the edge of a crystal clear ocean,
With the waves lapping at them gently.
They hiked halfway up a mountain,
Breathing in the crisp, cool air.
The small pebbles have seen so much and traveled so far,
But they were never meant to leave.

They are the remnants of ancient ruins,
They are full of stories and secrets.
They were supposed to stay where they were,
Showing the world what they used to be.

They are small but their age precedes them,
Going back thousands of years.
Prisoners of history and destruction,
Meant to be seen and never touched.

Yet here they sit and stare back at me,
Out of their country of origin.
Stowaways in my soles.

Meg McGee is a first-year undergraduate at Arcadia University. She is an English major in the creative writing concentration. When not writing or reading, Meg spends time at home watching Netflix with her dachshund, Alice.