Optimistic Nihilism

I am alive in the springtime
awake with the awareness of
eye-bulging simplicity:
One day the planet earth will
    P L O D E !
If you’re unlike me and this doesn’t
fill you with peaceful glee in the
mortality of human momentary allow me
to explain the ephemeral; allow me to
d e c o n s t r u c t .

Someday at some point
in a future near or far
there will be an End.
The sun will expand and then consume
and nothing or nobody will be here
(or anywhere)
to Remember.

Isn’t that the scary part?
Eighty-or-so spins around the sun
and we spend them wondering
what the world thinks when in reality
we will fall into the mandalas of oblivion like dripping paint -

At this point I’m saying
who gives a damn?
I’m saying, hell yeah, dye your hair
hot pink on a Tuesday
because we’re all dying anyway.
I’m saying, hell yeah, belt the words
of a song because the silence will
follow us into Eternity.
I’m saying, hell yeah, take a stupid chance
if that means you find meaning in your meaningless;
it’s a miracle we’re all alive at the same moment, isn’t it?

I’m saying, everything is fake besides happiness
and the sun.
The world is held in the fists of breakers and
Time is on fire;
We only have enough to dance to one more song.

So dance damn it! Why be anything
but our own skins. Why be unhappy
when you could sing. Why be dead
when we’re only alive for a moment, a breath.

Marilyn Sieger is a writer from Arcadia University.