Midsummer Night in July

Midsummer Night in July
I followed the red flicker of his cigarette
in the dark
in the night air
scared and tired and so
in lust staring 
out of the window
catching glimpses of 
bare skin between
the fronds waving gently
in the breeze
pink tangerine lemon drop ochre 
skies sweltering 
hand-sweating heat
hot flashing 
cop lights in the rear view
road after road 
heavy rain splashing on
the windshield
brake lights
sex sex sex
frothy terrible rivers
pulsing out of my chest
moonlight escapades
never leading anywhere
always just too late
to catch the sunset
so we wait for the sunrise

Briana Stelzer is an English major at Arcadia University. She has been writing since freshman year of high school and she's been published in a few literary magazines like Navigating the Maze and BRICKRhetoric and Surrounded. Despite that, she's still having a really tough time trying to write last lines.