Kites and Strings & Identity

Kites and Strings

You, a kite,
carefree and light
floating on the wind
high above
but without something to tie you down,
you’ll drift far, far away…

Me, a string,
thin and limp--
laying on the ground--
beneath the sky--
but without something to lift me up,
I’ll be stuck in the dirt--

Tie me around your cloth
and I’ll keep you grounded, keep you
from drifting too far
and you’ll pull me into the sky, keep me
out of the dust.


To look in the mirror
And see two, three, four people
Instead of just one.
To cross over the threshold
Of your family’s home,
And have to switch
Between personas.
It’s a balancing act
Of where you are
And who you can be where you are,
That threshold of your door,
A line in the sand.

But what happens when
The line in the sand blurs,
And drifts away?
Worlds mix,
Rebellions ensue
And you must fight for the right to be you;
Whoever that is.

Who am I? What am I?
Do these questions ever go away?
I think not.

Rebecca Hane is an English major in the Creative Writing concentration. She has a deep love for all things science fiction and fantasy. In her free time she loves to read as well as write fiction, watch her favorite movie and TV shows, and play video games on her very out-of-date consoles. She is currently in the process of writing a fantasy novel or two, with several Pinterest boards for future projects. In the future she hopes to be a published novelist with a side freelance proofreading and editing business.