Editor's Note

Editor’s Note for Fall 2018

This is our first issue as Co-editors in Chief and we have to admit that it’s a little scary to have built this issue so carefully and now we must share it with the world--or at least with the university.

We started out as simply readers on this magazine, working under Brendan McCourt and the other editors. It's surreal to have taken their place and taken over the mantle of creating this issue. A new generation has taken over, so to speak.

It’s been a crazy couple of years but it’s been so fun working on Quddity. We are so happy to be publishing our first issue as Editors. This is a special issue for us (and it’s definitely not because we were both published), it’s different than all the others we’ve worked on so far. Somehow, we’ve put more effort and passion into this issue. We are so excited to share it and cannot wait for what the next few semesters will bring.

We made some changes to magazine, broadening the category of fiction submissions and increasing the word count. Much to our excitement we received a record number of fiction submissions for this issue! The magazine also has the largest general staff in its history, with many new members. We only hope that all of our initiatives will have such wonderful results as they did this semester.

This note was originally meant to be light-hearted and funny but has somehow found its way into serious and sentimental territory. Next time we write one we promise it'll be funny… or at least we'll try.

Thanks for supporting Quiddity and we hope you enjoy our newest issue!

Monica DiTomassi and Rebecca Hane