Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

This is the first issue of Quiddity, the newest chapter in Arcadia’s literary legacy.  The magazine that you read now represents the combined efforts and talents of a remarkable group of people, from the gifted authors whose works grace these pages to a dedicated editorial staff. Quiddity has been made by strangers, friends, the people who walk by and brush up next to you as you walk to and from class. Their words will linger with you just as the dirt from their footsteps have lingered on the bottom of your own shoes. Their prose and poetry will stay with you, whispering to you in the moments you are alone. On the bus, a long drive, in the middle of the Chat their words will twist and snag into the deepest corners of your brain. You will hear the voice of  the person on the park bench, the newlyweds, apothecaries, vacationers, dancers, murderers, and lost loves. Whether you prefer poetic inner thoughts or enthralling short stories, you’ll find it all here.

Thank you to the contributors, faculty, and most especially, the readers who have made this literary magazine possible. May we have many more publications that continue to show the diversity and talent of Arcadia’s student body.

Happy Reading,

The Editors