Perfume―still slightly sweet
Nature only slightly interrupted
Laughter everlasting through the Night
Purple gowns and Satin brushing the Steps
I miss the sensations―wait...
Why do I have trouble remembering?
Pictures hidden,
Saved for a later time;
I remember how the pages rustled
Learning to be quiet so she wouldn't know.
I remember the feeling of the water
The cool breath beside the heated wood
I remember being a child there
Where the sounds of summer echo

Now the flowers scream for attention―
Hidden within an iron cage
Leaves thrash and beg for freedom;
Colors wilt like a faded childhood.
What once was open
In a time when clocks were forgotten
Now speeds up in a rapid fast forward,
Tripping over moments
Stumbling into the future and forgetting
that what we once looked forward to is now our present

Kapri Koflanovich is a Senior Integrated Marketing and Creative Writing Major with a Minor in Spanish. She is a Poetry and Fiction Co-editor for Quiddity and the Public Relations Officer for ASL Club. In her free time, Kapri loves reading, writing, and dancing. She hopes to work for a publishing company after graduation and eventually write her own book. Kapri is so thankful to have worked on Quiddity since her sophomore year and to have been published in her final semester at Arcadia University. She sends best wishes to all future Quiddity staff & writers!