struck by
phantom beam eyes
of seven shaded deer stuck
on the side
of the road
the graveyard,
shadows slide from agape headstones
pointed yellow
cluster lights
and wheels
but one

Caitlyn Somers is a senior English major at Arcadia University. She is about to graduate, and is terrified. She wants to be a college professor and desires to (eventually) publish a book of poetry. Her hobbies include: watching dance choreography videos on Youtube (and telling herself she will one day learn those dances, but never actually does), exploring nature, experiencing all forms of art, inhaling ice cream, and playing with dogs. She is obsessed with words: when she was little and used to play soccer, she would stand in the middle of the field, during a game, and scribble words in the air. Her parents and teammates were extremely confused, and told her to pay attention. As she transitioned into adulthood, she began to embrace her fascination with words. She always tries to find the right one, and when she fails to do so, she is frustrated. So it goes.