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Spring is in the Air

posted Apr 9, 2018, 6:41 AM by Olivia Dontonville
It seems as if Mother Nature enjoys playing games with us; one week is snow the next is sunny and 75°. However, this weekend brought out spring activities everywhere. From Scarlet and Grey Day to baseball, ‘Spring’ is so close. 

Accepted students swarmed Arcadia’s campus on Saturday, walking around their soon to be homes. Food trucks lined the outside of Habor Green, free food, it was a college student's dream. Eager incoming freshman toured the rooms, the campus and all the campus buildings while meeting their future roommate. Such a nostalgic day as my freshman year comes to an end.

However I have learned, when one door closes, another opens; Major League baseball has officially started! The Philadelphia Phillies destroyed the Miami Marlins saturday night 20 to 1. However, the actual game that night was me versus the wind. I shivered non stop throughout all 7 innings and physically forced myself to buy warmer socks to avoid hypothermia. 

Sunshine, baseball and new beginnings are what Spring is all about. Although the weather is not right, Scarlet and Grey Day and the Phillies game gave me the closest feeling to spring all year and makes the wait so much worse. While Mother Nature plays her games, I will be watching Baseball. 

Play ball!