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Spring Break?

posted Mar 11, 2018, 9:05 AM by Monica DiTomassi
It is very hard to consider this week to be spring break when there is still a bit of snow outside my window. When I think spring break, I image warm weather and sunny days, not a nor’easter. If you can get past the frigid air, a break is still a break. It helps to be home this year since last spring break I was aboard in London. Seeing my family for the week is lovely but I also enjoy seeing my dog, Trixie, shove her face into the snow each time she goes outside.

Each winter, Trixie forgets that snow exists. The first snowfall has her in a trance. She jumps up and down and can’t seem to lose her excitement. She asks to go outside by waiting at the door. When there is snow on the ground, she practically lives outdoors. Nor’easters are an excuse to play outside and cover herself in the snow. My brother and I always hope that the snow is wet enough to make snowballs. We throw them down the backyard and Trixie rushes after them. If the snowball hits the ground before she catches it, she’ll bury her face in the snow trying to find it. With as much snow as we currently have, it’s a blessing to have a Rottweiler, not a white furry friend. Trixie is many things but she does not blend in with the ground.

Watching the snow fall as we sit inside with blankets and freshly made tea is one of the best parts of winter. It’s hard to consider March as a winter month but when we have two nor’easters in less than a week it makes it a little easier. Luckily, this nor’easter hasn’t put out the power although trees were falling. The snow should be gone by the time this blog goes up but I hope you enjoyed as much as Trixie has.