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I Adopted a Kitten

posted Nov 24, 2019, 9:57 PM by Faith Roman
This summer was one of the hardest of my life. I lost one of my best friends in the world to
suicide. I was in the worst place mentally that I had ever been. I was crying every day, I developed panic disorder. I mentioned that I was struggling to a friend and he suggested a therapy cat. Once that idea was in my mind, I wouldn't let it go. I needed a cat.

When my friend Luis’s cat had kittens, I knew that one of them was meant to be mine. I asked him if there were any males, since my boyfriend's mother frequently fosters cats and informed me that males tended to be more cuddly, which is what I wanted. There was only one. And so, he became my kitten! Luis lives in New York, so I drove 3.5 hours each way to pick up my little guy. I named him Pompeii, after my late friend’s favorite Cage the Elephant song. And I became a kitten mom, much to the disappointment of my family.

Pompeii just turned six months old, and I don’t regret a single thing. I love him to pieces. However, since adopting him, I have learned several things about caring for a kitten. 

One, I’ve learned never to leave him near paper, because he likes to chew it. All of it. Including my thesis print-outs. And the napkins on the kitchen table. And every roll of toilet paper in the apartment.

I once accidentally left bagels in a bag where he could reach it. He took a bite out of every single one. The little weirdo didn’t even eat one, he just chewed through the plastic and took a bite out of each individual bagel. 

I gave him a little pillow with catnip in it, a gift from my Nana. He tore it to shreds and left cotton all over my floor. Recently, he has decided he really likes my roommate's hat with a pompom on it and likes to drag it onto my face while I'm trying to sleep. 

Occasionally I take baths, you know, self-care. He tries to drink the bath water every time. And if I ever try to lock him out of the bathroom, he screams outside until I either leave or let him in. Also, if I leave his line of sight, he gets upset and screams. If I’m doing something, he has to be with me. Or he will scream and put his tiny little claws under the door.

But despite all of this, I love him. He’s a stinky little bastard child, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. We cuddle every night and he greets me when I get home from class. All jokes aside, we are very attached to each other. His shenanigans have gotten me through one of the worst times of my life. He might be trouble, but he’s mine.

If you would like to pet my cat during finals week, contact me at I need
people to play with him so he will stop stomping all over my keyboard while I’m writing my thesis.