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Anxious to Pursue Creative Writing

posted Oct 1, 2017, 10:36 AM by Omar Odom   [ updated Jan 28, 2018, 2:50 PM by Daniel Pieczkolon ]
Now that I have attained my Associate's degree, I am ready to look for a four-year college to transfer to. Selecting a four-year college can be tricky. There is much to consider with factors ranging from location and size to degree programs and tuition. Personally, I want to be able to focus on my classes without worrying about my finances and not be weighed down by some job that ultimately wastes my time and hinders my college experience. I no longer want to work in fields unrelated to my passion. 
I love creative writing! Ever since childhood, I wanted to make a series of my own. It started from my fondness of animation. I enjoy the exploits of intriguing characters, exploring their world and its concepts. I was entertained, but also, inspired. Being able to entertain and inspire people with my ideas would be one of the greatest honors. I also like the idea of helping people get their creative projects published. I was thrilled to discover I could make a living in a field I am truly passionate about. I am certain that taking creative writing courses will improve my writing skills and give me a better understanding so I may assist others in their literary pursuits. 
There was a time when I was unable to fulfill academic progress due to issues with my mental and physical health. I suffered from social anxiety, depression, and stress. The conditions worsened my agoraphobia at the time. Because of this, I frequently experienced dyspnea, rapid heart rate, chest pain and pressure, and lightheadedness. These health issues hindered my focus in all areas of my life and were treated accordingly. 
My anxiety would be crippling at times. It was to the point where I would be too afraid to board a crowded train or hesitate to enter a full room. I would often feel awkward and in the way. Regrettably, there were times when I where I wanted to sleep and not wake up. I was able to overcome it with the help of medical assistance and support from friends and family. 

The help I received made me more confident in myself. I was reminded that I was not alone and that there are people that care and wanted me to succeed. I realized I had as much of a right to live, strive, and be happy as anyone else did. I was fed up with being depressed and stressed and decided to be the most positive and productive person I can be. Afterwards, my physical health improved. Now that I overcame that ordeal, I have never been more driven to accomplish my academic goals.